Nitish Kumar had a secret meeting with Prashant Kishore amid the clashes with BJP

Patna: A few days ago, Prashant Kishore met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Nitish himself said that Prashant Kishore wanted to meet him and Pawan Verma called him P.K. After this, a period of speculation and chatter began in the political corridors. PK surrendered to Nitish, Jaan Sooraj stopped abhiyan and someone kept saying that he will come with Nitish now. So someone said this is PK’s new bet, Prashant Kishore changed his mind when Nitish came to the grand alliance. But in a tweet on Thursday, September 15, Prashant Kishore responded with gestures.
‘With your help I will automatically win, but…’
After the Begusarai shooting incident, Prashant Kishore relied on the words of national poet Dinakar born in the same soil. ‘With your help, I can automatically bring victory to the future humanity, but what face will I show? – Dinakar’ tweeted PK. The question is whose help is PK talking about? It is not difficult to know that he has recently met Nitish Kumar and the hint is towards Ek Ane Marg. See that tweet by PK

Questions and answers from Nitish on PK
1. Question- Sir, have you met Prashant Kishore?
Nitish Kumar- If he sees it, he won’t talk again? (laughs)
2. Q- Why meet, what happened and do you want them to get together?
Nitish Kumar- Nothing special happened.
3. Q- Did Pawan Verma also come?
Nitish Kumar- You know, we have a relationship long before Pawan Verma. Pawan Verma also called to see him. We said come on and it leaked again. (neck twitches)
4. Q- What was leaked? (laughs)
Nitish Kumar – No… No. Nothing leaked. No no. (handled answer)
5. Q- Is it a problem to join your campaign (front against BJP)?
Nitish Kumar- Nothing like that, this is a normal thing. It’s not that it should be done, it’s that it should be done. There is nothing like it. (shakes head)
6. Q- Will Prashant Kishore come with you?
Nitish Kumar- What is it…you ask him. What’s the problem with the meeting? What’s the problem with meeting someone? No man. Our relationship goes back a long way, doesn’t it? Any man will say that if he meets then why not meet his brother.
7. Q- Did you get angry with Prashant Kishore in the middle?
Nitish Kumar- We are not angry-Vraj. If you ask questions, we will say (laughs). Yes, it was asked in Delhi… If we had asked earlier, we would have been ready. But that was another thing, to leave it all behind.
8. Q- Can you come with me?
Nitish Kumar- (folding hands) Yes.. we request you to talk to him. No such conversation took place. It was a normal thing. Basically one thing happened. There is nothing like it.

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