Kejriwal’s big attack on BJP, says BJP continues to replace CMs, calls Sonia Gandhi Modiji’s successor

In Gujarat on Tuesday, Arvind Kejriwal continued his attacks on the BJP and scolded Parliament ahead of the state’s scheduled general elections in the coming months. “The BJP continues to replace chief ministers,” the AAP representative said. He was referring to the recent leadership Regig, the hometown of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Tripura have also witnessed similar changes in recent years.

He further taunts and says that”I have heard that after PM Modi, Sonia ji would be next candidate for the BJP for the prime minister’s post,”. While activist Medha Patkar lashed out at sharp criticism amid speculation that he was being considered for the post of prime minister. In response, he asked, “Ask the BJP representative who asked Sonyaji a question about being mentioned as a candidate for Modiji’s successor.”

His excavation was in response to claims that AAP was guaranteeing a “backdoor entry” for Medha Patkar.

He criticized the BJP, which has been in power in the state for nearly 27 years, adding: “No more fear. Bhajpa jaa rahi hai, Aam Aadmi Party aa rahi hai. (BJP is going, AAP is coming to power) Any fraud in the state will be investigated and the public will get their money back. We will use this money to build our public infrastructure.”

In answering the reporter’s questions, he also stared at the grand presbytery. “Congress is over. Let’s stop asking them questions.”

Kejriwal said Monday when asked about his confrontation with state police amidst car-related security concerns: “He once again denounced the ruling party in Gujarat for the attack on the AAP related to the promise of electricity subsidies.

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