Diabetes causes serious damage to the eyes, can cause blindness

Lucknow. The eyesight of a person suffering from diabetes ie sugar can be damaged. Just as diabetes damages other parts of the body, it also causes a lot of damage to the eyes. A person suffering from diabetes can be a victim of diabetic retinopathy, a disease that affects the retina (the veil of the eye) of a person suffering from diabetes.

This is to say of Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta of Ophthalmology Department of KGMU. He told that the biggest problem in this disease is that when this disease progresses, then its treatment options also become less. He told that if someone has started diabetes today, then it is not necessary that the screen of his eye should start having an effect from today itself.

The disease of diabetes affects the body slowly and it takes about 6 years for the effect of this disease on the screen of the eye. During this, if diabetes is kept under control, then the curtains of the eyes can remain fine for years, they are not affected.


In diabetic retinopathy disease, there is swelling on the screen of the eyes. First of all, the sufferer starts having blurred vision. But the situation becomes worse when blood starts leaking from the screen of the eye. Then the affected person will see dark spots.

If this blood secretion becomes excessive, then the vision stops with the eyes. If this problem is not treated on time, then later no treatment will prove to be effective. In such a situation, keep diabetes under control by meeting the doctor in time, as well as consult an ophthalmologist from time to time.

It is being told that this is due to damage to the very thin veins that carry blood to the retina. Timely treatment of this disease is essential. It can also lead to complete blindness. About 50 percent of diabetic patients suffer from this disease. It is the biggest cause of blindness worldwide.

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