The Kerala Story: Makers raised issue of love jihad, makers part of Sangh Parivar says Kerala CM

The Kerala Story: Kerala has recently attracted a lot of attention over a controversial web series “The Kerala Story”. The film allegedly is promoting hate propaganda and perpetuating the idea of “love jihad. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who condemned the series as a tool of Sangh propaganda said the makers raised the issue of the so-called love jihad although the concept was rejected by the courts, probe agencies and even the Union home ministry.

The concept of “love jihad” refers to the act of Muslim men seducing Hindu women to convert them to Islam. ‘The Kerala Story’ trailer was released earlier, which sparked controversy and the reason is a Muslim man can be seen dating a Hindu woman. The trailer also contains dialogue suggesting that Muslim characters engage in “jihad love”. CM said that the trailer is a heinous attempt to create communal discord in Kerala, which is known for its religious harmony and pluralist culture.”

Vijayan also accused the creators of being part of Sangh Parivar, famous term used to describe a Hindu nationalist organization affiliated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). “Sangh Parivar is attempting to create communal tension in Kerala through totally unacceptable propaganda,” Vijayan said in a tweet.

Controversy surrounding the “Kerala story” is not the first time that the concept of “jihad love” has caused uproar in Kerala. In 2017, the state launched an investigation into allegations of “love jihad” but found no evidence to support the claim.