Congress to relook policies in Karnataka, may withdraw Hijab ban and more

Indian Muslim woman in Hijab. Photo Credit: Google

Karnataka: It has been just few days that Congress has come to power in Karnataka and now Karnataka minister Priyank Kharge has hinted that Congress government may withdraw or revise the Hijab ban that was implemented in Karnataka by the previous government which was Bhartiya Janata Party BJP. Priyank Kharge is the son of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. He said on Wednesday, that the orders are against the state’s interest due to which they will be relooked by the government. A decision will be taken after reviewing them said he.

Congress to relook policies

There has been much demand from several sectors to overturn the Hijab ban in Karnataka. Kharge also stated that Congress government will look at all the policies by the BJP government previously in the state. The new government will look at all the policies. Which are against the constitution, against the spirit of building society as well as against the inclusiveness of the society. He said “we will relook at every policy of the state that the previous government has brought.”


Laws such as anti-conversion bill anti-cow slaughter and textbook content removal will all be looked after by the Congress. Further, few jayanti’s were observed newly in which few prominent figures were left out which will be reviewed he said. About the Hijab ban in Karnataka, a huge controversy had happened over muslim girls wearing hijab inside the premises. The government had ordered not to wear hijab in the premises as uniformity must be followed.

The 2022 Karnataka Hijab row

In 2022, a group of girls from the Muslim community had filed the petition and the High Court had dismissed the petition filed by them. They were seeking permission to wear Hijab inside the classroom. They were government pre-university students. Moreover, some muslim girl students did not write their exams as they wanted to wear hijab inside the exam hall but the colleges would not allow them inside if they both the Hijab.