Jharkhand launches its first air ambulance service, will connect to cities with advanced medical facilities

Jharkhand: On Friday, Jharkhand launched its first air ambulance service which will operate from 7 major cities in the state which also includes Ranchi. This government initiative will surely enhance the state’s medical transportation facilities. It will create connection of Jharkhand with other major destinations in case of an emergency. Air ambulance service is available to everyone at a competitive price.

The news was shared on Twitter by the Jharkhand CM office. According to Civil Aviation Operations Officer Captain SP Sinha, the aim is to create a connection of air ambulances to all major destinations across the country such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai where advanced medical facilities are available. Once operational, additional facilities will be added based on requirements and needs.

Deploying an air ambulance in an emergency can take a lot of time and delay in treatment will deteriorate the conditionof the patient. To avoid such situations, according to The Times of India, at least one air ambulance will stay put in Ranchi to transport people from all areas to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Emergency contact details have been made available for all. For air ambulance services, families or individuals in need of assistance can call the Department of Aviation’s toll-free numbers at 0651-4665515 and 91-8210594073.