Egypt and India agreed for ‘strategic partnership’ covering political, security, defence, energy and economic aspects

India and Egypt agreed on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 to upgrade their bilateral relationship to a “strategic partnership” covering political, security, defence, energy and economic aspects.

We welcome the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who will be our featured guest at the Republic Day celebrations on 26 january. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the abuse of cyberspace by extremist forces was a “growing threat” and the two sides agreed to step up cooperation in this regard.

“India invites Egypt as a special guest at the G-20 Summit to showcase our longstanding relationship. We have decided to create a long-term cooperation structure in the fields of politics, security, economy and science under the India-Egypt Strategic Partnership,” said Prime Minister Modi, saying that the scope of cooperation in India-Egypt relations is “unlimited”, especially in the field of defense and security. .

In his remarks, President El Sisi pointed to the relationship between the two civilizations dating back to ancient times and said he wanted Egypt to welcome more Indian tourists. The two teams signed five MOUs, including cooperation on culture, youth issues, cyber security, information technology (IT), and public broadcasting. “I have asked Prime Minister Modi to strengthen digital connections between small and medium-sized industries and create permanent channels that will help improve the lives of ordinary people. Defense cooperation was part of the discussion today, and joint military exercises are an example of such cooperation,” said President El-Sisi. Prasar Bharati and the National Media Authority of Egypt signed the MoU at a formal ceremony at Hyderabad House.

President El-Sisi invited Prime Minister Modi to visit Egypt and asked for better air links between New Delhi and Cairo.

President el-Sisi arrived here Tuesday evening for a state visit that is being described as historic as the first Egyptian president to be invited as a ‘guest of honor’ at the Republic Day Parade on 26 January. India and Egypt are in the process of founding. It is a partner in the Non-Aligned Movement in world affairs and has defense ties dating back to the 1960s. The Hindu had previously reported that India had sent soldiers to work on Egypt’s military aircraft project in Helwan, near the capital, Cairo. Prime Minister Modi praised the participation of a contingent of Egyptian soldiers in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Thursday.

“We agree that terrorism is the greatest threat to humanity. Both countries also agree that strong action is needed to end cross-border terrorism and that we must convince the international community through a concerted effort to do so,” Prime Minister Modi said. President El-Sisi also said the two sides had solidified plans for cybersecurity cooperation.

He thanked the Prime Minister for inviting Egypt to the G-20 summit and was confident that Egypt would play a constructive role at the summit. We also discussed the issue before developing countries in the context of global development,” said President El Sisi, calling for greater stability in the global economy.