UDAI makes new security feature for Aadhaar, will help prevent fraud

UDAI added new security feature in Aadhar card.

If you withdraw money from finger print through Aadhar card then now you do not have to worry about it being fraudulent.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has added a new security feature to the Aadhaar card to save people from this hassle.

In such a situation, now as soon as you put your thumb on the Point of Sale (PoS), it will be known whether the person whose fingerprint is being taken is alive or has died.

Banking transactions worth Rs 1,507 crore done through AEPS

According to UIDAI data, banking transactions of more than 1,507 crore have been done so far in the country through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). Out of this, in 7.54 lakh transactions, people have been victims of fraud.

This new security feature will help in detecting frauds from Aadhaar much faster and also help in nabbing the culprits.

In such a situation, now people will get rid of fraud from Aadhaar.

How is fraud done through Aadhaar?

According to reports, the accused clone the fingerprint of the original user on a silicon pad to commit fraud through the Aadhaar card. This fingerprint is made from the original fingerprints affixed on the documents involved in the purchase and sale of land, which is uploaded on the website of the Land Revenue Department.

To prevent this, now UIDAI has decided to link the birth and death data with Aadhaar.

How will you benefit from the new feature?

According to the UIDAI officials, a temporary Aadhaar number will now be issued to the newborn for linking the birth and death data with Aadhaar. After that it will be upgraded with biometric data.

Not only this, the record of registration of death will also be linked with Aadhaar, to prevent misuse of these numbers.

In such a situation, now as soon as you put your thumb on PoS, you will get information about whether the person is alive or dead.

UIDAI has also taken these steps

In view of the linking of mobile numbers, bank accounts and financial schemes of users with Aadhaar, UIDAI has also taken other security measures.

Under this, it has also been decided to encourage people to voluntarily update their biometric data every 10 years.

Currently, children after the age of five and 15 years have to update their biometrics, but now it will be mandatory for all.

Biometrics update will be of great benefit – UIDAI

A UIDAI official said people would be encouraged to update their biometrics, demographics and other data once in 10 years. However, people after the age of 70 will no longer need it. The reason for this is that after this age, the possibility of changes in fingerprints ends.

He said that people’s cooperation in this decision can save them from other troubles including fraud.

Outfable information

According to UIDAI data, a total of 1,34,80,38,020 Aadhaar cards have been issued in the country so far. Similarly, 68,54,01,372 times Aadhaar has been updated and 79,09,72,11,907 Aadhaar cards have been authenticated.

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