Two tribal women stripped and trashed in West Bengal amid anguish over Manipur viral video

Two tribal women tortured in West Bengal.

West Bengal: While the country is angry over the Manipur viral video where two women was stripped naked and paraded in the village, another incident has taken place in the West Bengal. On Saturday, Bharatiya Janata Party BJP has claimed that two Tribal women were beaten, after being stripped, in the centre of a huge crowd in West Bengal’s Malda. Further, they alleged that this horrific incident took place the police remained a “mute spectator”. This new case has brought anguish among the people who watched the viral video.

It can be seen in the video that two women were being tortured and beaten mercilessly by several other woman. Their clothes were being ripped and their hair were being pulled while others were standing and witnessing the scene. The heart wrenching incident took place on July 19 and the video is doing rounds on the internet. BJP I-T cell head Amit Malviya who is also the party’s co-incharge for West Bengal Twitter and posted a Blur video of the Torture while saying “frenzied mob baying for her blood”.


Mamata Banerjee chose to do nothing

Amit also wrote that the crime “should have ‘broken’ Mamata Banerjee’s heart and she, instead of merely outraging, could have acted, since she is also the Home Minister of Bengal…”. He continued and said that Mamata Banerjee chose to do nothing. He mentioned how she did not even “condemn the barbarity or express pain and anguish because it would have exposed her own failing as a Chief Minister.” Meanwhile, reports suggest that the women were beaten on suspicion of theft.

What is more horrible is that no complaint of the incident was lodged with the West Bengal Police. Police status that they were not aware of the incident that took place. It got there attention only when it got viral and the investigation was done. As per reports, both the women were caught by the women shopkeepers red-handed while they were stealing. After the incident, the women who caught them red handed had fled, and those who had beaten them up were scared to file any complaints. Later it was known that both women who were trashed escaped from the area and did not lodge any police complaints.