Shiv Nadar University shooting case, what had happened?

Shiv Nadar University shooting site

An unfortunate incident has taken place at a University in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida. A student of Shiv Nadar University aledgedly shot one of his women classmates on the campus and then took his own life by shooting himself. The attacker was 21 year old, who was studying in the same year as that of the victim. He was at the boys hostel. Both of them were students of BA sociology as per police information.

This incident took place on Thursday at around 1:30 p.m. outside the dining hall which is located between the girls hostel and the boys hostel. The severely injured victim, Sneha Chaurasia was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, the doctors informed that the girl was brought dead. She was taken to Yatharth Hospital in Greater Noida. Sneha had come from Kanpur.

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Why did the make student shoot the girl?

As soon as the shooting incident was informed to the administrative officials, they reached out to police and reported that a woman student was shot dead by another student. On the other hand, the Shiv Nadar University spokesperson said that the authority is fully cooperating with the investigation. The whole incident was recorded on the cctv camera which revealed that the boy shot her allegedly because she refused a gift that he had bought for her.

What did the CCTV footage show:

The CCTV that recorded the incident is from the dining hall which had glass walls but was locked. The video shows that both the students met outside the dining hall around 1 p.m and hugged each other. They talked for a while before the male student gave her something. It is being presumed as to be a gift. However, the girl can be seen refusing it followed by which, he short her in the abdomen. She could be seen resisting him in that situation. But he short her again which made her collapse at spot.

No one could be seen around them during the incident occurred this is because the university is on a summer break from May 17. Due to which attacker shot her and ran away towards the boys hostel. After that, he killed himself by shooting him with his own hands.