Schools holiday will be announced due to extreme winter conditions in these cities

The government of Uttar Pradesh has ordered all schools in Meerut to close from 15 January until grade 8 in view of the extreme cold that is prevalent. School hours for classes 9-12 have been changed to 10:00 AM. until 3pm. Currently, the department does not mention the closed days until the 8th grade.

The Chandigarh administration has extended the winter break for government, government-funded and accredited private schools until 21 January, while schools in Haryana are also closed until 21 January 2023.

After warnings from the IMD of extreme cold and dense fog conditions in Delhi, authorities may extend the winter break from 16 Jan for upper 1st graders, especially as the severe cold is very likely to affect the health of children. Authorities may also ask schools to turn to online practices to save children from the bitter cold while managing the seamless education of children.

Is school open in Agra from Monday? Parents, children and school management have been waiting for new orders all day on Sunday but despite everything, until 9:00 pm, the Agra administration has not issued an order in this regard. In this situation, the school started sending messages to parents from Monday to open schools and send their children to school at the scheduled time. The administration has issued an order to close schools until January 14th.

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