Saffron Vande Bharat Express is special, 25 improvements made says Railway Minister

Saffron Vande Bharat Train in the making.

INDIA: Fresh photos of the brand new saffron coloured Vande Bharat Express train have surfaced on the internet. The train is the 28th rake of the Vande Bharat Express which is still not on the tracks. As soon as the photos of the train were released, people noticed that the color of the train had changed. Meanwhile, Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw stated that the new color of the 28th rake of the Vande Bharat Express is “inspired by the Indian Tricolour“. Followed by which some citizens said that the green colour was missing. A lot of criticism was received around the topic.

Improvements done in saffron Vande Bharat train

However, many people called it world class and hailed the new train and it’s colour. The train is currently standing at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) located in Chennai. This is where all the Vande Bharat trains are manufactured. Railway Minister revealed that this train will be special as it has several improvements. He said that 25 improvements have been done in the new saffron Vande Bharat trains. Vaishnaw stated that since the Vande Bharat Express trains are manufactured under make in India initiative by PM Modi, the engineers and technicians are of our own. Hence, the feedbacks received over ACs, toilets, etc have been used to improve the new train.

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New safety feature in Vande Bharat Express trains

Union Railway Minister revealed that a new feature related to safety has been installed in the upcoming Vande Bharat trains. This is called as the anti-climbers or anti-climbing devices. These will be standard in all the Vande Bharat trains as well as other trains. Anti-climbers are devices installed on the sides of trains. They prevent people from climbing onto the train. They are made of metal bars or chains that are spaced closely together, making it difficult for people to climb onto the train. The devices will help in improving the safety of the trains and prevent people from boarding the trains without tickets.

Now, A total of 50 Vande Bharat trains are running on track across the Nation. The first Vande Bharat Express train was launched in 2019 by PM Modi. It is the fastest train with a speed of 160 km per hour. However, the Vande Bharat Express trains run at a speed of 130 km per hour in India right now as the rail tracks are not upgraded. Once all the rail tracks are upgraded, the Vande Bharat Express will be able to run at its highest speed.