Rahul Gandhi’s ‘India has problems’ statement not good for nation: S Jaishankar

S Jaishankar gives speech at Aryabhatta College on Friday. Photo Credit: Google

INDIA: Rahul Gandhi has again caught the attention of External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar after he said that India has problems. Jaishankar was in Aryabhatta College and during his speech he took a jibe at the Congress leader. He highlighted how Rahul Gandhi once again has extended his hands for help on a foreign land. In a statement, he said “In any democracy, there will be arguments and it is not a problem but problem happens when you take it out and invite people to do something about it.”

Not good for the country

He said such a move is concerning and not good for the country. He continued to highlight what Rahul Gandhi said, that India has problems and great concerns and the world should interfere in it. “There is nothing wrong in having opinions, if I go out in the world, I would say, before it used to be like that and now India is seeing these changes or you might also say what is lacking in the development. But saying that India has great problems and is a global concern, this has big implications which are not good for the country”.

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Jaishankar says democracy is thriving in India

Jaishankar on Thursday also reminder how democracy is thriving in India to everyonewho are saying that democracy is dead in the country. He said that “Elections are being won by one party one time and another party another time. This shows that democracy is thriving in India. If this was not the case, such a thing would not be happening. Only a single party would win each time.” He also gave out a very strong statement and said “but we know what the result of the 2024 election will be”.

Rahul Gandhi had visited United States where he mocked PM Modi and said in his speech that “if Modiji were to sit in front of the God, Modiji would start explaining to God how the universe works. Right? And God would be confused what he has created. These are funny things but this is what is going on. There is a certain group of people who understand everything. They are capable of explaining science to scientists, history to historians, warfare to the Army.. And at the heart of it is mediocrity, they actually do not understand anything. Because in life, you can not understand anything if you are not ready to listen,”.