PM Modi launched 5G in India, said will be major contribution to vision of digital India

PM Modi has finally launched 5G in India. At the launch he said that “this is one of the big steps that contribute in making the vision of digital India as well as Aatmanirbhar Bharat come true”. He also mentioned how Aatmanirbhar Bharat was considered as a joke and many people made fun of his vision. He says that “people used to think that technology is not for the poor but on the other hand I believed that Technology can reach every house”. As he continued to talk about the 4 important pillars of Digital India, he said, “We emphasised the price of the digital device, the connectivity, the price of data and the vision of digital first.”

“Today is a historic day for the 21st century of India as 5G technology will revolutionise the telecom sector. This is the success of digital India. Happy to see that villages could join the historical event of the launch of 5G,”. “India will not only remain a consumer of technology but will play a major and active role in the development of the technology — in the designing of wireless technology” said PM Modi.

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