PM Modi highlights India’s economic progress, calls it guarantee of growth! Invites Investors to Join the process


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on investors to be a part of India’s growth story, declaring it a “guarantee of growth.” Speaking to a gathering of business leaders and investors, Modi highlighted India’s economic progress, by mentioning a record $81.7 billion in foreign direct investment in the past financial year, and also mentioned the country’s achievements in several areas which includes infrastructure, digitization, and renewable energy.

Addressing the “India Ideas Summit” which was organized by the US-India Business Council, the Prime Minister outlined his government’s economic policies and reforms, emphasizing its focus on privatization, deregulation, and ease of doing business. He also highlighted the benefits that would come if invested in India and its growth, such as its large consumer base, skilled workforce, and strategic location.

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Modi expressed confidence in India’s economic growth prospects, stating that the country’s potential was limitless, and urged investors to take advantage of the opportunities presented by India’s development journey. He also assured everyone that the government is committed to providing a supportive atmosphere for businesses and investors.

The Prime Minister’s speech was well-received by the audience, with several business leaders expressing their confidence in India’s economic potential and their willingness to invest in the country. The event was attended by senior officials from both the Indian and US governments, as well as representatives from various business sectors