PM Modi Delhi Road: Special traffic measures will be implemented

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a massive roadshow in Delhi ahead of the BJP’s main national executive meeting in the Indian capital. BJP representative JP Nadda spoke at the National Office Bearers conference ahead of the roadshow.

The Prime Minister’s roadshow was held between Sardar Patel Marg and the NDMC Convention Center in Central Delhi, where Federal Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and other top leaders arrived for an important party gathering.

At the mega event, a video was shown of a sea of ​​crowds of enthusiastic party members and local residents gathering in a quadruple security arrangement.

The Delhi Traffic Police have made extensive plans for the event. Eight roads, including arterial roads Jantar Mantar Road, Ashoka Road and Bangla Sahib Lane, have been temporarily closed “as part of traffic arrangements for the roadshow,” officials said. Earlier, police said in the HT report, “Traffic will be affected in Lutienne’s Delhi and the police have planned the necessary diversions.”

“BJP is organizing a road show from Patel Chowk to the intersection of Sansad Marg and Jai Singh Road from 3pm on Monday. Special traffic measures will be implemented in the area around the roadshow route,” said Delhi Traffic Police.

Last week the prime minister was giving a road show in Hubbali, Karnataka, when a young man was seen charging at him, raising concerns about his safety. However, police later said they could not call the incident a security breach as everyone was searched and identified.

“Those who were able to enter the barricade were checked and the teenager was given permission to approach the prime minister as originally planned. However, we will file a report with SPG under protocol.” The young man was seen running towards the Prime Minister with a wreath.

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