Nupur Sharma given a license to carry a personal gun over Prophet controversy

Former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who was suspended from the party in anger over her comments about the Prophet, was given a license to carry a personal gun. Nupur Sharma received death threats and applied for a firearms license, Delhi police officials confirmed the development on Thursday. In mid-2022, after Nupur Sharma made derogatory remarks about her prophet in a television channel discussion, she caused a storm of international resonance. Her party suspended her and distanced herself from her comments, while several Islamic State issued statements condemning her comments. Violent protests demanding action against Nupur Sharma have been seen in various parts of India. Read | ‘if… No surprise’: Owaisi on Nupur Sharma’s future in BJP

Nupur Sharma retracted her comments and said that her comments were not meant to hurt religious feelings, but were her rebuttal to mocking Shiving on her TV channel.

Amid nationwide protests against her, the Supreme Court in July 2022 held her accountable for burning down her country and held that Nupur Sharma was solely responsible for what happened in her country at the time. said there is.

In August 2022, the Supreme Court noted the threat to her life against Nupur Sharma and clubbed all her case against her so that she would not have to travel to all states where her case against her was ongoing.

Several sectarian incidents followed the Nupur Sharma row when a 54-year-old chemist from Amravati was killed over a social media post in support of Nupur Sharma. In Udaipur, a tailor was hacked to death after endorsing Nupur Sharma on social media.

Nupur Sharma, the prominent face of television debates since her suspension, is not a thing of the past when it comes to controversy, but she lives in the shadows. Recently, AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi said he would not be surprised if Nupur Sharma ran in Delhi in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. “Her BJP will definitely use her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes her candidacy in her Delhi in her Lok Sabha elections,” said the AIMIM MP.

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