MP Forest Officer transferred as 8 South African cheetahs died at Kuno National Park

South African Cheetahs at the Kuno National Park. Photo Credit: PMO

India: The Madhya Pradesh government has taken the decision to appoint a new Principle Chief Conservator of Forest (wildlife). On Monday, Aseem Shrivastava became the Chief after replacing JS Chauhan from the post. JS Chauhan was transferred and given the post at the PCCF production headquarters located in Bhopal. However, the reason behind Chauhan’s transfer has not been revealed yet. The this order comes after the death of two male South African cheetahs who were kept at Kuno National Park.

These South African cheetahs were brought to the kuno national park in March. After which a total of 8 cheetahs died. This also included three cubs which were born after the cheetahs were brought to the Kuno National Park. The death of two male cheetahs in just four days is a matter of concern. It is being speculated that, this could have been the reason behind the post transfer of the previous Chief. However, no official statement has been released regarding the matter. The order of appointment of the new chief was done almost immediately.


12 African cheetahs brought to India

The South African cheetahs were brought to India after the Government of India declared cheetahs as extinct species. This declaration was done seven decades ago in 1952. The wild cats were seen last in 1948, in India, when three of them were shot in the Sal woods of Chattisgarh’s Kooriya district. Under the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 12 African cheetahs, which included seven male and five female, were brought to the Kuno National Park.

The process was apart of collaboration between the Indian government as well as the African nation of Namibia. The cheetahs were brought from Namibia after 7 years of work under the project. The aim is to create a second home for the species which have been already listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Meanwhile, experts suggest that India does not have appropriate Habitat as well as prey species which are necessary for the African cheetahs to survive. This could lead to more deaths in the future.