Asaduddin Owaisi: Tell Ajit Doval, who is spreading bigotry, says NSA should reveal it

New Delhi, 01 Aug. AIMIM President and Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi hit back at National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s statement that he should tell who is in the country who is spreading bigotry. Owaisi said that we were hoping that the NSA would tell everyone who are these few elements who are spreading bigotry in the country. They should speak without hesitation, they should tell. Let us inform that during a program, Doval appealed to the believers of every religion and sect to fight against the fundamentalist forces and create an atmosphere of harmony in the country. The bigotry of religion and ideology has an impact on the country at the international level.

During a conference, Ajit Doval said that some people are spreading enmity in the country, these people are doing this in the name of religion, but bigotry in the name of religion has an international impact on the country. Everyone should raise their voice against religious bigotry. Mutual harmony should be increased. Ajit Doval was speaking at a conference organized by the All India Sufi Sajjadanshin Council. During this, the Muslim religious leader demanded a ban on the Popular Front of India.

Although Owaisi has asked Ajit Doval who is spreading bigotry in the country, but he did not answer the question whether PFI should be banned or not. Let us tell you that PFI is a radical Islamic organization, which is on the radar of the security agencies of the country, this organization is accused of spreading many riots and carrying out other types of incidents in the country. Owaisi Sab, when asked if you are a hardliner, he said that only we are hardliners in India, everyone else is pure.

Regarding the situation in Sri Lanka, Owaisi said that this situation has been prepared by the Government of Sri Lanka, they hid the unemployment figures, increased inflation for the people of the country. The data should be brought to the public. We hope that this kind of situation does not happen in India. Owaisi alleged that the executive is trying to weaken the country, the Parliament is being weakened, due to which the debate is getting reduced. Owaisi said that 14 bills were introduced in the monsoon session and they were passed in no time. Parliament is in session for 60-65 days in a year, so how can the issues of common people be raised.

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