India’s Top Court to See Reinforcement with Five New Judge Appointments

New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India is set to receive five new judges, according to a recent announcement by the country’s Attorney General (AG), R. Venkataramani. During a hearing before a two-judge bench of the apex court on Friday, the AG informed the court that the appointments would be cleared soon.

This news comes as a welcome development for the Indian judicial system, which has been facing a shortage of judges in recent times. The Supreme Court is the final court of appeal in the country and deals with a wide range of important cases, from criminal appeals to constitutional challenges.

The process of appointing new judges to the Supreme Court is a complex one, involving a number of different stakeholders. The government of India makes the initial nominations, which are then reviewed by the Supreme Court’s Collegium, a group of senior judges. If the Collegium agrees with the nominations, they are then sent to the President of India for final approval.

The announcement of five new appointments to the Supreme Court is seen as a positive step towards addressing the shortage of judges in the country and helping to reduce the backlog of cases. It is also a sign of the government’s commitment to improving the functioning of the judiciary and ensuring that justice is delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

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