Indian Racing League races called off amid craze among people, know why

The Indian Racing League (IRL) 2022 disappointed and outraged fans when a two-day street circuit event that promised thrills and excitement crashed before it even started. The first round of the IRL was unexpectedly canceled in Hyderabad on Sunday afternoon after a crash ‘technical failure jeopardized the sporting event. In the eyes of the many spectators who attended the race on Sunday, the showpiece event set against the backdrop of the iconic Husainsagar Lake did not live up to expectations.

Six teams of Indian and international drivers competed in the two-day event: city-based Hyderabad Blackbirds, Speed Demons Delhi, Bangalore Speedsters, Chennai Turbo Riders, GodSpeed Kochi and Goa Aces. However, at approximately 3:20 p.m., a few minutes after the light flashed green, the car crash occurred. It not only stopped the race but forced the organizers to postpone it to Chennai. About 10 minutes into the race, a boom truck entered the circuit, and officials were busy thinking about how to further the race.

The safety car pulled onto the track as the race ground to a more or less permanent grinding halt. Although official confirmation from IRL officials was delayed that the race had been postponed, angry fans left the circuit feeling disappointed with the organizers. “I didn’t pay 9,000 rupees to see a race that was canceled almost immediately. Organizers have to coordinate with police officials as me and my friends waited nearly two hours before going inside. We left the paddock for a while because we were entitled to roam, but the police wouldn’t let us inside.

Instead they allowed others who were VIPs. It’s been an exhausting experience and I hope they act together in the future,” IT staffer Raj told The Hindu. Hyderabad is set to host the fourth round on 10 and 11 December, but it is still unclear when Chennai will host the first round, which has been postponed to Sunday.

“The race has been stopped for safety reasons and the public needs to understand that the safety of drivers is paramount. The crash site is being investigated by the FMSCI Steward and the RPPL Technical Team. “I can’t comment on anything else,” said a race official. Officials announced that organizers would refund money, but spectators refused to buy a statement.

Hyderabad is set to host Formula E in early February next year and the IRL has hosted races like an exhibition for the 2023 Hyderabad E-Prix. However, the event turned out to be a soggy squib as no racer managed to finish on the podium as the fans returned with a heavy heart.

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