Independence Day 2022: 7 thousand guests will witness Independence Day celebrations, security done in this way

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation on August 15 from the ramparts of the Red Fort. According to the police, at the Red Fort Independence Day 2022 About seven thousand guests will participate in it.

Tight security arrangements will be made, more than 10,000 policemen deployed

independence day celebration In view of this, a multi-level security cordon has been prepared at the entrance of the Red Fort. In which cameras with facial recognition system (FRS) have been installed. More than 10,000 policemen will be deployed around the memorial. Delhi Police has deployed more than 400 kites or any flying objects on the terraces and other sensitive places in the Red Fort area to counter any possible threat from drones and UAVs etc.

Five kilometer area around Red Fort ‘No Kite Flying Zone’

An area of five kilometers around the Red Fort has been marked as ‘No Kite Flying Zone’ till the tricolor is hoisted. An ‘anti-drone system’ is also being put in place by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and other security agencies, police said. According to a senior police officer, “High-specificity security cameras have been installed in and around the Red Fort and their footage will be monitored round the clock.”

Prohibition of entry with these goods

Food, water bottles, remotely controlled car keys, smoke lighters, boxes, handbags, cameras, binoculars, umbrellas and similar items will not be allowed in the Red Fort premises. According to Deepender Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), the provisions of Section-144 have already been implemented in Delhi. Anyone caught flying kites, balloons or Chinese lanterns will be punished at the Red Fort from August 13 to August 15, till the end of the programme. Kite catchers have been deployed with necessary equipment at strategic locations and they will prevent any kind of kites, balloons and Chinese lanterns from reaching the ceremony area, he said.

Police alert about possible danger

The police is also conducting a comprehensive investigation into the possible danger of having explosives like IEDs. In addition, around one thousand high-specificity cameras will be installed in North, Central and New Delhi district units to monitor airborne objects. He said that these cameras would also help in monitoring the ‘VVIP’ route leading up to the memorial. Delhi Police has also increased patrolling. Officials said that hotels, guest houses, parking lots and restaurants are being checked. Also, verification of tenants and servants is being done.

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