‘Emergency’ an unforgettable period in our history says PM Modi, calls them “dark days”

PM Modi remembered the Emergency period. Photo Credit: Google

India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered the day when emergency was imposed in India. On Sunday, he Tweeted and paid homage to all those who had suffered and resisted the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. She was then the Congress leader as well as Prime Minister of India. The emergency was declared on June 25, 1975, which is 48 years ago from today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered the period as an ‘unforgettable in our history’. He tweeted about the ‘dark days of emergency’ and talked about the Emergency.

PM Modi tweeted and said “I pay homage to all those courageous people who resisted the Emergency and worked to strengthen our democratic spirit. The dark days of emergency remain an unforgettable period in our history, totally opposite to the values our Constitution celebrates,”. He has also the Mann ki Baat show and said can’t forget June 25, emergency a dark era. The emergency was imposed over a time period of 21 months and several people who opposed the move were put behind bars. The press media was not given the freedom to print real news. All the news was first checked before publishing and nessasory changes were made as per required.

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Torture, imprisonment, murder and stifling the voice of free press’

Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union minister Smriti Irani also raised her voice today along with PM Modi. She said 25th June 1975 symbolises torture, imprisonment, murder and stifling the voice of free press’ and so much more by the insecure and authoritarian ruler. Moreover, she also shared a video which shows all about the Emergency and its dictatorship. “Do watch this video & see what the Congress party is capable of” she said in her tweet along with the video.

Further, the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP, posted a black photo with Indira Gandhi’s face in it. Her face is visible as a dramatic light falls on her face. The poster has in bold letters ‘the darkest chapter of Indian democracy’. Several leaders such as Kiren Rijiju, Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari remembered and condemned the time of Emergency. Other than them, Maharashtra deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis also condemned the period.