Delhi: EV charging station to be installed at petrol pump, will be cheaper in Delhi

Electric vehicle charging stations will be cheaper to install in Delhi

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has approved a proposal to boost Electric Vehicles (EVs) infrastructure in the national capital Delhi.

Under this proposal approved by DDA, now the license fee for setting up of EV charging stations at petrol and CNG pumps in Delhi has been reduced.
This step has been taken to increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads of Delhi.

This move is expected to increase the number of EVs

According to government data, about 10 per cent of Delhi’s total vehicle sales numbers in the last three months have been recorded as EVs.

Increasing the reach of electric vehicles in the capital and improving the existing infrastructure to make it easier to use will help curb pollution in the long run.
The department expects that with more EV charging stations, sales of electric vehicles will increase in the city.

Statement of Delhi Development Authority

On this decision, the DDA issued a statement on Wednesday saying, “In order to promote alternative fuels and fight the menace of air pollution, the Authority has today decided to set up Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Petrol-Diesel and CNG Pumps at the allotted sites of DDA. Along with this, the license fee for installing electric charging machines at these fuel pumps has also been reduced.

license fee

How much will the license fee cost now?

According to the DDA, after the implementation of this proposal, the annual license fee for setting up such EV charging stations at petrol pumps will be Rs 53 lakh and for CNG stations it will be Rs 46.11 lakh.

Apart from this, for the stations where petrol and diesel as well as CNG are sold, this license fee can range between Rs 43.46 lakh to Rs 47.70 lakh.

Electric vehicles are ahead of CNG vehicles in sales

Delhi has a higher number of EVs as compared to other major metro cities of the country like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had earlier said that it is expected that the sale of electric vehicles will increase by more than 100 percent this year.

Sales of electric vehicles in the capital have overtaken CNG vehicles this year. Within the first seven months of the year, 29,845 EVs have been sold here.

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