Canada govt: Will ensure safety of Foreign Diplomats, over Khalistani rally

Canadia govt to ensure safety of Indian officials. Photo Credit: EOM

India: The government of Canada is on high alert after a group of Pro-Khalistanis have announced that they will be holding a protest in Toronto and Vancouver on July 8. The protest has created concerns over the safety of Indian officials in Canada. This move by the Pro-Khalistanis comes at a time when recently, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a designated terrorist was found dead. After which posters were released which contained names of Indian high commissioner Sanjay Kumar Verma and Consul General of India Apoorva Srivastava.

They have blamed the Indian diplomats along with security agencies for the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Due to which they have planned to march protest against them. India had asked the Canadian government to take immediate action on this. Now, condemning the act by Khalistani extremists, Canada officials have called this as an unacceptable act. In a tweet, Melanie Joly, Canada’s foreign affairs minister said “Canada takes its obligations under Vienna Conventions over the safety of foreign diplomats very seriously. Canada remains in close contact with Indian officials in light of some of the promotional material circulating online regarding a protest planned for July 8th, which are unacceptable.”


Safety of Indian officials in Canada

Moreover, Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand also tweeted about the safety of the foreign diplomats and said “The materials posted online for a protest on July 8 are unacceptable, and they do not represent Canadians. Canada will continue to ensure the safety of foreign diplomats in this country – and we take this responsibility seriously.” The concern over the safety of Indian officials has been raised after several posters were released which had very violent writings on them.

Words like “Kill India” along with photos of the High Commissioner to Ottawa Sanjay Kumar Verma, Consul General in Toronto Apoorva Srivastava as well as Consul General in Vancouver Manish were depicted on the posters. Followed by which, the Canada authorities have tightened up the security patrols. At the missions located in Canada. The enhancement of the security has been done by law Enforcement Agencies.