Anand Mahindra replies to criticism over Chandrayaan-3 expenditure, says “fills us with pride”

Chandrayaan-3 takes off on July 14. Photo Credit: ISRO

India: Chandrayaan-3 was successfully launched by Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO on 14 July, on Friday. This was a moment of pride for every Indian. In 2019, everyone was heartbroken when the Chandrayaan 2 had failed to land on the moon softly. The lander had lost communication with ground stations during its final descent. However, the ISRO scientists did not give up and created the Chandrayaan-3. While the whole nation was happy of the launch, some citizens criticized the program over expenditure. However, Anand Mahindra, Indian businessman, gave them a stern reply.

He took on to Twitter and schooled every person who pointed finger on India’s moon mission. Some people question the need for any space programs to which Anand Mahindra proudly said that reaching for the stars fills us with pride in our advanced technology. The tweet said “There will be many who will question why we’re spending money on Chandrayaan-3 and indeed, on the entire space program. Here is the answer. When we reach for the stars it fills us with pride in our technology & with self-confidence as a nation. It literally inspires each of us to reach for the stars.”

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Good job say citizens

Along with the tweet he also shared a video that showed many people gathering in a field waiting for the launch. The video shows how people are excited for the Rocket to take off. Once the rocket took off, it can be seen that people are cheering as it goes higher and higher. At the end of the video the person making the clip says ‘good job’. Mahindra had, before the launch, expressed his enthusiasm through a tweet which said “At lift-off, it won’t just be the rocket taking flight, it will be our spirits too…Go, Chandrayaan!”.

Chandrayaan-3 will be revolving in its Orbit for over a period of 1 month. It will be circling in such a way that it gets closer and closer to moon with each round. Finally, on August 23, it will be landing on the Moon’s surface. This is ISRO’s third lunar exploration project which aims at achieving a soft landing on the lunar surface. If the attempt is successful, India will be the fourth Nation to achieve the mark. Previously, the United States, China and the former Soviet Union have successfully achieved this mission.