Air India passengers stranded in Sweden to be bought to Delhi through a ferry flight Tomorrow


Air India: Air India passengers who were supposed to fly from Sweden to Delhi on Friday were stranded after the flight from Newark was diverted do sweden’s capital. However, all the passengers will be sent to the national capital through a ferry flight which will be here by Friday morning, as per Airlines spokesperson.

The ferry flight that has been scheduled to bring all the passengers will depart from Mumbai on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. and will reach Stockholm at 11pm (local time). “The aircraft will take off from there at 1am to reach Delhi at 0800 hrs IST) tomorrow,” the spokesperson informed.

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For the universed, AI 106 flight from Newark faced technical difficulties along with an oil leak in one of the engines. Keeping in mind the safety of 284 passengers and 8 infants on board, the flight was made to urgently land. It is further getting checked thoroughly.

The flight was operated with a Boeing 777- 300 ER aircraft and did an emergency landing with total 311 people which included 15 cabin crew and four pilots. There it could be seen that oil was coming out from the drain mast of engine 2. The aviation regulator will probe the incident as per official of Aviation regulator.