7th pay commission will heavily benefit central government employees, bumper increase in salary

Good news for all central government employees. According to the latest update, it is likely that the mounting elements will increase soon. Increasing the facility factor has been a long-cherished wish of the Central Public Officials Union. They want the government to raise the fitted factor from 2.57x to 3.68x.

Increased mounting factors will increase your salary tremendously.

Calculation of salaries after the expected increase in fitted elements

It is known that the government can make a decision to increase the mounting elements after next year’s union budget. If the government triples the fitted factor, the employee’s salary excluding benefits will be 18,000 X 2.57 = Rs 46,260. At the same time, if the employee’s request is accepted, the salary will be 26000 X 3.68 = Rs 95,680. If the government recognizes the triple fitted factor, the basic salary would be Rs 21000 and the total salary excluding benefits would be 21000 X 3 = Rs 63,000.

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