75th Independence Day: On 15th August, India saw the first sun of the independent morning, know the journey of 75 years

After the long slavery of the British, India finally breathed free air on 15 August 1947 and saw the free morning sun. However, there was also the redness of the wounds of Partition in this sun. The freedom gained after partition gave happiness as well as pain of riots and communal violence.

Special connection with postal service on 15 August

The date of August 15 is recorded in the history of Indian Postal Service for a special reason. In fact, in 1972, the postal index number i.e. pin code was implemented on the same day of 15th August. Having a separate pin code for each area made the movement of mail easier.

The sequence details of other major events recorded on the date of 15 August in the history of the country and the world are as follows:-

  • 1854: The East India Railway ran the first passenger train from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Hooghly, although it officially began operations in 1855.
  • 1866: Liechtenstein was liberated from German rule
  • 1872: Birth of the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo.
  • 1886: The great saint and thinker of India, Guru Ramkrishna Paramhans alias Gadadhar Chatterjee, died.
  • [1945:BothSouthKoreaandNorthKoreabecameindependent
  • 1947: India got independence from British rule.
  • 1947: Establishment of Defense Gallantry Awards – Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra.
  • 1950: In India, 20 to 30 thousand people died due to an earthquake of magnitude 8.6.
  • 1960: Congo was liberated from French slavery.
  • 1971: Bahrain became independent from British rule.
  • 1972: Postal Index Number (PIN) code was introduced.
  • 1975: Military Revolution in Bangladesh.
  • 1982: National program of color broadcasting and TV launched nationwide.
  • 1990: Successful launch of Akash surface-to-air missile.
  • 2007: More than 500 people are killed by an 8.0-magnitude earthquake in the central coastal area of the South American country of Peru.
  • 2021: Taliban capture Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani left the country.
  • 2021: Haiti earthquake kills 724 people.

Taliban capture Afghanistan

Apart from this, on August 15, 2021, after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters took control of the capital Kabul and with this the whole country was captured by the Taliban. After this President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan.

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