WhatsApp will have strong privacy, group admins will get more control

Before becoming a part of the group, the participant will have to get the approval from the admins.

On the messaging platform WhatsApp, users get a smooth chatting and messaging experience and are constantly getting new features.

Some new features have been indicated in the WhatsApp beta version, with which users will get better privacy.

It has been revealed that soon users will be able to hide their online status and screenshots of View Once Messages will not be able to be taken.

Apart from this, the participant will have to get approval from the admins before becoming a part of the group.

WhatsApp group request in separate section

Website providing information about WhatsApp updates and features WABetaInfo It has been reported that new changes have been seen in WhatsApp group settings.

Now a new participant will be able to become a part of the group only after being approved by the group admins.

For this, admins will be shown a separate section in the app, where all group requests will be listed.

Admins will have the option to accept or decline any request.

Admins will get the option in Group Settings

It is seen in the screenshots that admins will be shown a new option when they go to the group settings.

They have to turn on the toggle shown in front of ‘Approve New Participants’, after which no one will be able to be a part of the group automatically.

Also, in the Message Reaction feature available to WhatsApp users, now there is a chance to respond with the help of any emoji.

Users can select the option after tapping on the ‘+’ icon.


Users will be able to hide their online status

While using WhatsApp, ‘online’ appears below the name or number and there is no option to hide it.

Soon users will be able to hide their online status or choose privacy for it like last seen.

For online status, they will get two options ‘Everyone’ and ‘Same as Last Seen’.

That is, the same privacy option can be selected for both Last Seen and Online.

view once

Won’t be able to take screenshots of View Once messages

In WhatsApp, a photo or video can be sent with the ‘view once’ feature for one-on-one viewing only, but the photo can be saved by taking a screenshot of it.

To save users from such a situation, there will be a screenshot blocking feature for View Once Messages in the messaging app.

In this way the screenshot of the View Once message will not be able to be taken.

WhatsApp users are also going to get a feature related to leaving the group without other participants getting notifications.

Enhanced security with login approval feature

The Meta-owned platform is working on a new security feature that will help keep accounts safe from scammers.

The feature named Login Approval is currently in development mode and information related to it has come to the fore.

Currently, WhatsApp users get the option of two-step verification, which gives an additional level of security to the account.

With the new feature, users will be sent notifications when they login to another device.

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About 55 percent of the monthly active users of WhatsApp use this messaging platform daily. Let us tell you, the number of users using meta apps is about 78 percent, and 22 percent of users use other apps.

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