WhatsApp New Feature: search particular chat by date, this feature will soon be launched

Whatsapp new feature: WhatsApp constantly brings some features to improve the experience of users and to increase kisses, in this episode, the company has been working on a great feature for some time. According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users are going to launch a feature to easily search according to any message date. Let us know how this feature will work and how helpful it will prove to be for people.

Let us tell you that according to the report, under this feature of the company, users will get the facility to search the message on the chat by date. This feature was first spotted in 2020, but due to lack of response, it was shelved, but from now on the teacher is being worked on once.

But after this one thing will definitely happen that this feature will be of great benefit to the users. For example, if a person wants to revisit a few days old talk with someone but she has gone too high, instead of calling, she will be able to open the chats of that day by just entering the date. And thus with the help of this feature his work will become easier.

Let us tell you that the benefit of this feature will be more in group messages. Because there are more members in any WhatsApp group and there is always someone messaging there but very little chat is useful in that. So in such a situation, according to the date only, we can open the chat of that day and see. In such a situation, the effort of finding four will be relieved. In this situation, this feature will prove to be very useful.

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