WhatsApp-like feature now in Truecaller, the message will be ‘locked’

Our messages are sometimes very personal to us. Because of this, most people keep a lock on them. This work was first done through third-party app lock, then smartphone makers started giving this feature on their own and then finally apps like WhatsApp also rolled out the feature of applying lock to the people. . Now Truecaller has also done something similar.

In its latest blog post, Truecaller said that from now on users will be able to lock the Messages tab present in the app. To read the message, the user has to enter his own set of passcode. If users want, they can also set fingerprint lock instead of PIN. Let’s know about this in detail

How to set lock in Truecaller

Truecaller’s Messages tab is often used by users to read text SMS. But it also works like an instant messaging app, with the help of which you can send messages to other Truecaller users via the Internet.

All this work is done from the Messages tab of the app, where banking and finance text SMS as well as personal messages are also present. Truecaller is now giving the option to lock this section. You can activate it by following the steps given below:

step 1: Launch the Truecaller app and tap on the Messages tab at the bottom.

Step 2: Press the three-dot menu above and select the Passcode Lock option.

Step 3: You can now lock the Messages tab by selecting the “PIN” or “Fingerprint Lock” option.

After locking, you will have to use passcode or fingerprint to see the message in Truecaller. This lock takes place after 60 seconds of in-activity, but you can change the time limit.

To turn off Messages Lock, go to the app’s menu, go to Settings and select the Messaging option from here. Here you will get the option of Passcode Lock. Tapping on it will take you to the next screen where you will get the button to turn it on and off. Here you will also get the option to hide the notification content of the message.

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