WhatsApp banned more than 22 lakh accounts in July, this is the reason

Instant messaging app WhatsApp By the way, it keeps on introducing new features on its platform to give better experience to the users. However, apart from the features, WhatsApp constantly gives priority to the safety and security of the users. Recently, information was revealed that WhatsApp had banned more than 19 lakh WhatsApp accounts in the month of May. At the same time, now the latest report has revealed that the company has once again banned more than 22 lakh accounts. Let us know why the company is repeatedly banning millions of accounts.

WhatsApp has banned so many accounts

The company has submitted its monthly report under the new IT Rules, 2021. Through this report, it has been revealed that the instant messaging app WhatsApp owned by Meta has banned more than 22 lakh WhatsApp accounts under the new IT Rules 2021. The app is said to have received 632 complaints in India in the month of June, out of which they have taken action on 64 complaints.

Let us tell you, in the month of May, 528 complaints were reported, out of which the app took action on 24 complaints. More than 19 lakh WhatsApp accounts were banned in the month of May.

Why these accounts got banned

According to the company, any account that violates the terms and conditions of Whatsapp will be banned. As per the WhatsApp Terms and Conditions, you cannot share illegal, obscene, threatening and hate content on the instant messaging platform. Whichever account does such activity, taking action against those accounts, the company bans them.

The company says that it is continuously working on making end-to-end encrypted messaging service safe and secure for the safety and security of users. For this, the company is constantly investing in artificial intelligence technology, data scientists and experts etc.

What is the new IT Rule, 2021?

Let us tell you, under the new IT rules, digital platforms with more than 5 million users will have to publish a report every month, in which they will give information about the complaints received from the users and the action of the company.

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