Twitter’s action, more than 43000 Indian twitter accounts banned

Twitter blocked more than 43 thousand Indian accounts last month. The microblogging platform, in its monthly compliance report, said it banned 43,140 Indian accounts in June 2022 for breaching the guidelines.

Twitter’s monthly report is published as per IT Rules 2021 of India. Under these rules, large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users in the country are required to issue a transparency report every month. In this report, the platform has to give information about the complaints received every month and the action taken on them.

Twitter bans over 43,000 Indian accounts

In its latest monthly transparency report, Twitter gave information about the Indian account being banned in June 2022. The company said it has banned 40,982 accounts for child sexual abuse, non-consensual nudity and similar content.

Along with this, the company said that it has banned 2,158 accounts for promoting terrorism. The micro-blogging platform said that it received 724 complaints through its local complaints mechanism in the country between May 26 and June 25, out of which 122 complaints have been processed. Twitter said in the report:

“While we welcome everyone to express themselves on our platform, we do not tolerate behavior that harass, threatens, dehumanizes or uses fear to suppress the voices of others. does.”

In May 2022, Twitter banned more than 46,000 accounts of Indian users. That month the company had received 1,698 complaints through its local complaints mechanism.

According to another news, Twitter was testing a new feature, under which it will show your tweets stats every month. With the help of this feature, users will be able to know which account is active and which account does not have activity.

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