Paytm not working? Users are facing problem in online payment, know why

New Delhi : In this era of digital payment, when people have taken their smartphone instead of wallet in their pocket. In such an era, the sudden stoppage of any payment platform is no less than a digital tragedy. Let us tell the app that the country’s important digital payment platform Paytm has suddenly come to a standstill. Users are no longer able to make any kind of payment through paytm. Paytm has admitted that people are facing this problem due to a glitch in its network server. The company is working on fixing this.

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  • Users complained
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Users complained

Significantly, the digital payment app Paytm is not working for many people. Users are complaining about this. Many users say that they are not able to login to the Paytm app. Even many users are facing problem in making payment. Users say that from Paytm Payment Bank to the platform’s Paytm Wallet, everyone is facing trouble in making any kind of payment. According to the information received, the company’s app is auto logging out users so that they are unable to send money. Many users are also complaining about the payment getting stuck.

Paytm tweeted

In view of the frequent complaints from users, Paytm took to its official Twitter handle and said, “Due to network error in Paytm, some of you are facing problem in logging into Paytm Money app/website. could. We are already working on fixing this issue as soon as possible. We will update you as soon as this is resolved.

Due to a network error across Paytm, a few of you might be facing an issue in logging into the Paytm Money App/website. We are already working on fixing the issue at the earliest. We will update you as soon as it is resolved

— Paytm Money (@PaytmMoney) August 5, 2022

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