Multiple dangerous apps promoted on Facebook, more than 7 million downloads, check if you also have them

Facebook But several apps popping up have been detected, which are injecting virus into the phones of Android users. These apps are being promoted through Facebook marketing. These apps have millions of downloads. According to cyber experts, there are 12 such apps which have more than 7 million downloads. As soon as users download these apps, the personal details present in their phones reach the hackers.

Cyber experts at McAfee have claimed that dozens of such apps are being promoted on the social media platform Facebook. Security experts have warned users that due to this, the personal data of millions of users could be in the hands of hackers.

Promoted under new name

The apps promoted on Facebook carry not only adware, but also spyware (spy software) and malware (virus). Cybercriminals are promoting these apps on Facebook with new names and icons to trick users. Not only this, these dangerous apps are also being listed under the new name on Google Play Store in Android devices.

According to the report of Cyber Expert, the developers managing these apps keep changing its name and icon. Every time users install these apps on their devices, adware starts sending ads using the phone’s subsystem. The user thinks that these ads are being sent from the newly installed app.

These 12 apps have millions of downloads

McAfee lists the following apps that have been found to contain adware, spyware, and malware. Most of these are cleaning apps, which users install in the phone to clean the device’s rust files etc., so that the performance of the device is better.

– Junk Cleaner
– EasyCleaner
– Power Doctor
– Super Clean
– Full Clean -Clean Cache
– Fingertip Cleaner
– Quick Cleaner
– Keep Clean
– Windy Clean
– Carpet Clean
– Cool Clean
– Strong Clean
– Meteor Clean

Cyber experts believe that millions of users have downloaded these apps globally. Especially users from South Korea, Japan and Brazil have downloaded these apps in millions. These days Google is removing many types of fake apps from the Play Store. In such a situation, users do not need to worry much.

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