Lumpy Virus Vaccine: No more deaths of cattle ICRA Made First indigenous Vaccine

The Indian Agricultural Research Council (ICAR) – National Center for Equine Research (NRCE), in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Veterinary Medicine (IVRI), has developed a homologous attenuated LSD vaccineLumpi-ProVacInd” in Izatnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Agricultural Coalition Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Union Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Minister Parshottam Rupala unveiled the new vaccine for cattle on Wednesday.
Livestock Minister Rupala has complemented ICAR scientists to develop this native vaccine, which he said will help control LSD.

Is there any vaccine for lumpy skin disease?

Yes ICAR Scientists has developed indigenous Vaccine Named as “Lumpi-ProVacInd to cure and control LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease)

Lumpi-ProVac Ind

lumpy / Lampi virus symptoms?

There are many symptoms of this disease. In which fever, weight loss, salivation, runny eyes and nose, decreased milk, different types of nodules appear on the body. Along with this, knots are also formed in the body in this disease. It has also been seen that due to this, female cattle have to suffer infertility, abortion, pneumonia and lameness.

Lumpy / lampi disease treatment?

In such a situation, animals will have to be prevented from going to the affected areas. At the same time, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic drugs are given to avoid the disease.

lumpy Virus skin disease prevention?

cattle herds should be kept separate from other infected cattle cover surrounding of cattle yard with green nets to minimize the risk of vector transmission of the disease trough Insects, Fly, Bugs, Mosquitoes. Clean and Sanitise cattle yard area This measure can prevent transmission and may reduce the risk of getting infected with Lumpy (LSD) Disease/Virus.

Man Spraying Sanitizer’s in Cow Yard
Cattle Covered in Mosquito Net

Cost/Price of Lumpi/Lampi Virus Vaccine

“The cost per dose of “Lumpi-ProVacInd” is ₹1-2 Rupees,” as said by ICAR. Expand the production capacity of this vaccine so that it reaches the ground as quickly as possible to vaccinate 30 million animals.

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