Instagram and Messenger to get security feature like WhatsApp, it will function in this way

Meta is trying to provide end-to-end encryption to users on all platforms.

Social media company Meta has been trying to provide end-to-end encryption to users across all its platforms for a long time.

While WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for all apps, Facebook Messenger and Instagram have this opt-in feature.

This means that not all Messenger and Instagram chats are end-to-end encrypted.

Now it has been revealed that Meta is rolling out Secure Storage feature for end-to-end encryption and backup for all its platforms.

New Messenger chats will be encrypted automatically

The company has announced that it is starting testing the default end-to-end encryption with certain Facebook Messenger users.

“If you are part of a test group, your new chats will automatically be end-to-end encrypted, meaning you won’t need to opt-in and enable this feature,” Meta wrote in a blog post.

Users will definitely get access to the message history as before.


Opt-in feature will also be available in Instagram app

In addition to testing the default end-to-end encryption in Messenger, Meta has decided to roll out the opt-in encrypted messages feature found in Instagram to more countries.

Earlier, the new feature was available only in Russia and Ukraine.

Meta has said that in the initial test, the feature was available to users above 18 years of age, but now it will be released to more all users.


Understand the meaning of end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption works between the sender and receiver of the message.

The message sent by the sender is encrypted and converted into a code, which can only be decrypted by the receiver.

That is, no third-party in the middle or even WhatsApp itself can access the message.

In this way, messaging or calling on WhatsApp is completely private and secure.

Apart from WhatsApp, messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal also offer such encryption.

Messenger backups will also be end-to-end encrypted

Meta has reported that it is testing a feature called Secure Storage, with which the backup of Messenger chats will also be end-to-end encrypted.

In this way, the rest of the messenger users will not be able to access the conversation, which will give better security and privacy to the users.

The company has said that with Secure Storage, the backup can be saved with a PIN or code and the PIN or code will be required while restoring the chat.

After testing everyone will get new features

The company has told about the availability of new features that their testing has just started.

Based on the testing with selected users and the feedback received from them, it will be rolled out on Android, iOS platforms in the coming days.

Let us tell you, these changes can be made part of future updates and such security will also be available on the web versions and websites of these platforms apart from the apps.

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