Google Chrome’s new version Chrome 104 released, major upgrade in privacy can be seen

Google Chrome 104 That is, the new version of Google Chrome browser has been rolled out. In this, many new features have been added compared to the old version. Apart from this, technology company Google has also upgraded its privacy settings. old Chrome 103 In the version, users do not get features like multi-screen enhancements, video conferencing improvements for desktop, which will be found in the new version. This new version of Google Chrome has been rolled out for desktop as well as for Android and iOS. Come, know about its features and how to download.

Privacy Sandbox

Google has named this feature Privacy Sandbox because the company is currently working on a replacement for third party cookies. In the privacy sandbox experiment, work is being done to replace third party cookies that show personalized ads to users. In this feature, according to the browsing history of the user, advertisements will not be pushed. Websites and ad networks must obtain permission from Chrome before any ad can be pushed.

This feature was supposed to be tested in Chrome 103, but Google has linked it with the latest browser update. As soon as users update the latest Chrome browser on their device, they will get the option to run the privacy sandbox. As soon as users activate the trial, it will be automatically deleted after 4 weeks. This test run will test the browsing behavior of the user.

Not only this, in the new browser update, the expression limit of cookies has also been changed. Newly set or refreshed cookies will automatically expire after 400 days.

Full screen, multi window feature

After the latest update of Google Chrome, users will be able to view the content of any website and web apps in full screen. For this a secondary window or a pop-up window will open. Apart from this, there will also be an option to show the presentation in full screen for working professionals. However, Google also added features such as multi-screen utility to the Chrome 100 version, in which windows were automatically native to different displays.

Apart from these two main features, the Region Capture feature has been added to Google Chrome 104. This feature is going to be of great use especially during video conferences.

How To Download Google Chrome 104?

Android users can download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from Google Play Store. At the same time, iOS users will be able to download it from the Apple App Store. Desktop users can check the latest update from the About Chrome section by going to the browser’s settings.

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