Facebook Live Shopping feature to be closed, company shifting focus on Reels

Facebook is shutting down its Live Shopping feature. The company said in a blog post that from October 1, 2022, users will not be able to use features such as tagging products and creating product playlists during the stream.

Facebook said that it is shifting its focus to short-form videos as users are increasingly inclined towards short-form videos. Let us know about this in detail.

Facebook Live Shopping feature will be discontinued

Facebook said in its latest blog post that users will not be able to use the features related to live shopping on the platform from October 1, 2022. The company says that you will not be able to host new or scheduled live shopping events on Facebook.

It said that you will be able to broadcast the event via Facebook Live, but you will not be able to create product playlists or tag any products on this stream. The company attributed this change to users’ interest in short-form videos.

“As consumer viewing behavior shifts to short-form video, we are shifting our focus to Meta’s short-form video product, Reels on Facebook and Instagram,” the company said.

If you want to reach and connect with people through video, you can try experimenting with reels and reel ads on Facebook and Instagram, the company said. The company has told users that you can also tag them in Instagram Reels to take your product to the users. Regarding Live Shopping on Instagram, the company said:

“If you have a shop with checkout and want to host a Live Shopping event on Instagram, you can set up Live Shopping on Instagram.”

The company said that if you want to save an earlier live video, you can download your video on its page or through Creator Studio.

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