Cheap broadband plans of Airtel, BSNL, Jio and Vi will provide more data with fast internet, see plans

AirtelBSNL, Jio and Vi some broadband plans for their users (Broadband Plans) have been presented. In these broadband plans, users get more data along with high speed data. These broadband plans of these companies come with validity of one month, three months, 6 months or even one year. Users choose these plans according to themselves. Today we are going to tell you about the cheapest broadband plans of these companies, in which you will get the benefit of high speed internet along with more data.

airtel cheap broadband plan

The validity of Airtel’s entry level broadband plan is one month. In this plan, users get 3.3TB data and 40Mbps internet speed. Along with this, the company also provides voice calling connection in this, but for this a more price has to be paid. The price of this plan is Rs 499 and GST is also applicable on it.

cheap broadband plan of bsnl

The validity of BSNL’s entry broadband plan is also one month. In this plan, users get 1000GB i.e. 1TB data. The user gets internet at a speed of 20Mbps. After 1000GB of data usage, the speed drops to 2Mbps. Also, in this plan also, there is an extra charge for free fixed voice calling connection. The price of this plan of BSNL is Rs 329. Apart from this, the user will have to pay GST separately.

Jio cheap broadband plan

Jio provides its fixed broadband services through JioFiber. This broadband plan comes with a validity of one month. In this, users get 3.3 TB free data, whose speed is 30Mbps. The price of this plan of the company is Rs 399. For this postpaid broadband plan, the user has to pay GST separately. Apart from this, free fixed voice calling connection is also available in it.

Vi cheap broadband plan

Vi provides its broadband services through its subsidiary You Broadband. This service is available only in some places. The company offers broadband plans in Ahmedabad, which have a validity of one month. Users get 3.5TB data and 40Mbps internet speed in it. The price of this plan is Rs 400, which does not include tax.

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