Be careful with Twitter Verified Blue Badge! Hackers have ‘evil’ eyes on you

Twitter Blue Tick Hackers are targeting the accounts of the users. Cyber criminals and thugs are threatening these users through fake e-mails with account suspended. Not only this, from the account of users Verified Blue Badge Threats are also being made to delete and deactivate the account.

Let us tell you that not all users get Twitter Blue Tick Verification Beige. This is especially available to celebrities, politicians, government institutions, spokespersons, journalists, social influencers, private organizations, government ministries, etc.

To get a Twitter Blue Tick, the user has to submit the relevant documents, so that their eligibility can be proved. Users with blue ticks can be harassed by hackers to snatch verification badges and suspend accounts. This is the reason why hackers are specifically targeting these users.

Threats to the user through fake e-mails

According to a Gatgentsnow report, recently an actor told that he received an e-mail last month, in which the Twitter logo was displayed and the support center was mentioned. The details of government photo ID card, such as Aadhar card, passport, driving license etc. were sought from the actor.

Taking the e-mail from Twitter, the actor uploaded the scanned copy of the Aadhar card. As the actor followed the next steps, he realized that someone was controlling his Google accounts. Authentication messages of Google Pay and Gmail are being sent to the actor. The actor stopped communication after that, after which he received many threats from hackers, which he ignored. However, the actor did not file any complaint with the police.

Many more blue tick verified users were similarly targeted by hackers, in which they are sending threatening links through e-mails to the users. By clicking on the link, hackers try to control the user’s accounts. Users with Blue Beige are being asked to submit documents threatening to deactivate the account. The e-mail sent by hackers seems to be genuine, due to which users are falling under their guise.

Twitter cautions users

After reporting several such cases, Twitter took cognizance and said that the company e-mails users from or Apart from this, e-mails coming from any other domain can be hackers. Many users are receiving fake e-mails that seem to be sent from Twitter, but Twitter never asks to attach documents to the e-mails, nor does the user’s Twitter message through the e-mail. asks for password.

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