Bad news for Vi users, data of 301 million Indian users leaked

New Delhi : Your data is the biggest threat in the digital world. And the biggest benefit to companies comes from your data. In today’s era when we keep a lot of secret information on our mobile phones. So how can we feel safe. Astonishing news has come to the fore once again regarding this security. Actually, cyber security company CyberX9 has shared very shocking information about Vi. According to the company, Vi has leaked the data of its customers. According to the report of CyberX9, most of the postpaid users are included in the data leaked by the company.

special in this news

  • Vi denied the report
  • Leaked data contains important information

Vi denied the report

Let us tell you that CyberX9 is a cyber security company. This company has shared some such reports in the past, due to which the sleepless nights of vi users have disappeared. According to CyberX9 company, Vi has leaked the data of its users, which includes about 20 million postpaid users. According to the company’s report, Vi has leaked the phone numbers, addresses, call logs, SMS records and other details of about 301 million customers, including postpaid users, online. However, Vi has denied this. But the company has not issued any official statement in this matter yet.

Leaked data contains important information

CyberX9 has further stated in the data leak case that it could permanently harm the privacy and security of millions of Vodafone Idea customers. According to the company, Vodafone Idea is selling sensitive data of its customers not from today or tomorrow but for the last two years. Information such as call records, SMS details, internet usage details, location, full name, phone number, address, optional contact number, bill details of Vi users have been exposed. According to the report, Vi is leaking information about its customer’s phone number and optional contact number, address and their family members. However, Vi Company has not yet issued any official statement in this matter.

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