13 dangerous apps banned by Play Store, you need to delete them immediately if you have them in your phone

New Delhi Google has removed several Android apps from the Play Store citing allegations of unfairly targeting users. The company has alleged that these apps were unfairly targeting users and harming their smartphones. According to Google, these apps work to target users through ads and also slow down the users’ phones. If you have also installed any of these apps, then you should uninstall it immediately.

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  • Claims in McAfee’s report
  • Most of these banned apps were phone cleaning apps.
  • Here are the 13 Dangerous Android Apps Banned

Claims in McAfee’s report

A security team at McAfee has presented a report about several dangerous apps present on the Google Play Store. The company has claimed in its report that these apps were wrongly giving ads to the users. These apps fill the users’ device with advertisements, after which the users’ phone hangs and becomes slow. In view of all this, Google Play Store has removed all these 13 apps from the Play Store.

Most of these banned apps were phone cleaning apps.

Let us tell you that most of these banned apps were phone cleaning apps. Although Google checks its safety before listing the app on its Play Store, but many times such dangerous apps get listed on Google Play Store by escaping the security cycle. Once installed, these apps started sending disturbing ads to the device and blocked the windows of other apps. Apart from this, they also started showing many notifications. Many times they used to create shortcuts and open the website.

Here are the 13 Dangerous Android Apps Banned

Junk Cleaner – Junk Cleaner
Full Clean
Quick Cleaner
Keep Clean
Super Clean
Cool Clean
Strong Clean
Meteor Clean
Power Doctor
Fingertip Cleaner
Windy Clean
Easy Cleaner – Easy Cleaner
Carpet Clean

If you have any of these apps on your phone, then delete it immediately. Apart from this, change the password of all social media and other accounts that you have used here. This will not pose any threat to your security.

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