Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 51 Goes Live, Here are full details, Mission to Rewards

Every time gamers playing Free Fire MAX wait for a new update, they wait for the new season of the Elite Pass as well. This time Garena has made the Elite Pass Season 51 live in Free Fire Max. Gamers were eagerly waiting for this new season of Elite Pass. Now finally it has been released.

If you open Free Fire Max today, you’ll get a notification that The Kung Foodies Elite Pass Season 51 is now available. This new season of Elite Pass has been made available from today i.e. 1st August and will be available till 31st August. In the notification of the new Elite Pass, you will see 4 rewards.

Elite Pass Season 51 went live

When you click on it, you will get two columns of Free Pass and Elite Pass. Right next to the free pass column, you will see gold coins, on which the claim option will be coming.

list of rewards

Next to it there will be many options like Skilled Cook Avatar, Scan, Pet Food, Gold Royal Voucher, Angry Cook T-Shirt, Diamond Royal Voucher, Fragment Carat, Discount Coupon, Evo Gun Token Box, Gold Royal Voucher with lock icon on it. will be made.

At the same time, next to the Elite Pass, there are many rewards options including Chef’s Ride, Summon Airdrop, Aroma world jacket, weapon royale voucher, Pot of Luck Banner, Diamond Royal Voucher, Cherry Chefmaster Bundle, M1873 – Golden Prosperity, Vector – Golden Prosperity.

You can read some of its rules by clicking next to the Elite Pass. It is something like this:

  • You’ll get exclusive rewards worth around 10,000 diamonds, but you’ll still have to spend some diamonds to get the Elite Pass.
  • Gold limit will increase by 100 daily.
  • Exclusive badges will appear on the nickname.
  • You can unlock many more badges by unlocking the Elite Challenge.

list of missions

At the bottom of this page, you will see the option of Missions, after clicking on it, you will get the options of Daily, Weekly, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 in the left side. If you click on any option, missions and rewards will appear in front of it in the right side. As you complete missions, you will also get rewards.

list of upgrades

You will see the option of Upgrade right next to Missions. After clicking it, two options of Elite Pass and Elite Bundle will appear. Gamers will have to spend 499 Diamonds for the Elite Pass and 999 Diamonds for the Elite Bundle. After purchasing the pack of Elite Bundle, you will get not one but many rewards. However, keep one thing in mind that you will be able to use only one upgrade out of these two upgrades.

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