Know when Google’s new Android will be launched

The last beta build of Android 13 — Beta 4 — launched last month. Along with this, Google had told that after this beta version, the stable version of Android 13 will be released, which will be launched in the coming weeks. Now according to a new news, this new operating system of Google can be launched in September.

Google has published the Android August Security Bulletin release. This release note hints that Android 13 will be launched on AOSP in September 2022. Let us know about it in detail.

Android 13 may launch in September

Google gives information about monthly updates to its operating system on the Android Security Bulletin page every month. Here the company has published Android 13 Security Release Notes. On this page, Google publishes general Android security bulletin as well as specific bulletin for Pixel/Nexus.

This time the company has published notes of Android 13 in the general category of bulletin, which points towards the release timeline of this operating system. In this note Google says:

“Android 13 devices with the 2022-09-01 or later security patch level are protected from these issues (Android 13, as released on AOSP, will have the default security patch level of 2022-09-01).”

This gives a hint that Google will release Android 13 in September.

Google releases its operating system only around September. Android 12 was launched in October last year. The earlier Android 11 and Android 10 operating systems were released in August.

In Android 13, the user will get more control than before for sharing his personal information. With the new Android, there will be a new Photo Picket tool, with the help of which you will be able to give access to selected photos and videos to the app instead of the entire storage of your phone.

Google’s new operating system will get the feature to auto-delete clipboard history. New customization tools will also be available here, which will give a different look to the phone software. Here users will also not get unnecessary notification alerts by the app. Apps have to take permission to send notifications.

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