Apple’s iPhone 15 range likely changing shape, and the first renders look is stunning

Apple’s iPhone 15 range is getting a makeover, and the first renders look great. Now, a new leak means we know more about it.

Anonymous and well-known Apple insider LeaksApplePro has provided new context on Apple’s iPhone 15 design plans and its material limitations. And pay attention, but be optimistic.

Last month, influential leaker ShrimpApplePro wagged its tongue when it revealed that “all edges will be rounded” on an iPhone 15 model with a design reminiscent of the 2013 iPhone 5C. Ergonomically, the design was one of Apple’s best, but it was forgotten when the iPhone 5C launched in a cheap plastic back.

However, Apple is going a very different way with the iPhone 15 models. In October, LeaksApplePro revealed that Apple would launch a new iPhone 15 Ultra in titanium, which ShrimpApplePro later said could be on all models. However, LeaksApplePro has now issued a caveat.

Leakers divulge Apple’s internal discussions, saying it’s no guarantee that curved edges will be present in the iPhone 15 lineup at this stage. Instead, they are currently under strong consideration but no final decision has been made by senior management.

This is interesting because iPhone designs are usually locked for a year or more in advance. That said, given the ongoing uncertainty in Apple’s supply chain, this makes sense as the company is likely to adopt both its preferred (ambitious) and backup (conservative) designs.

LeaksApplePro clarified some confusion about Apple’s transition to titanium, saying that glass will continue to be used on the back of all iPhone 15 models, as it is essential for wireless charging. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the use of metal and plastic backs in Apple’s previous curved iPhone designs has raised some doubts.

My gut feeling is that ultimately, as far as logically possible, Apple will bring the curve back to the iPhone range, even if it is limited to the iPhone 15 Ultra. Introducing Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the front of iPhone is a lock for the foreseeable future. That said, the only areas to differentiate are the sides and rear. Rumors of dual front-facing cameras for the Pro model persist, however.

The iPhone 15 models are also expected to ditch Lightning for USB-C (a year ahead of the EU legal deadline), upgrade the main camera, and replace the physical power and volume buttons on previous models with taptic alternatives. Conversely, rising component costs can result in a much higher price than expected.

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