Apple iPhone 14 will have this special thing, Made-in-China and Made-in-India iPhones to come together

Apple is going to introduce the iPhone 14 series in September this year. According to reports, this time there will be no Mini model in the lineup. It will be replaced by the standard iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch screen and the iPhone 14 Max with a larger screen (6.7-inch). The series will also have a standard model of the iPhone Pro with a 6.1-inch screen and the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a larger (6.7-inch) screen.

Apple has been making iPhones in India for a long time, but production of new models always starts late. The company first starts making its new iPhones in China. But this time it may change. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that this time the company will start production of the Made-in-China model as well as the Made-in-India model for the iPhone 14. Let us know about this in detail.

Made-in-China and Made-in-India iPhone 14 will come together

Ming-Chi Kuo said in a tweet that their latest survey indicates that Foxconn’s iPhone production site in India will ship the new iPhone 14 with the 6.1-inch screen almost as well as China in the second half of this year. This will be the first time that India was a quarter or more behind in shipping the latest iPhones till now.

My latest survey indicates Foxconn’s iPhone production site in India will ship the new 6.1″ iPhone 14 almost simultaneously with China for the first time in 2H22 (India being one quarter or more behind in the past).

— (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) August 5, 2022

This means that the Made-in-China iPhone 14 and Made-in-India iPhone 14 will be seen simultaneously on the global stage.

Kuo further adds, “In the short term, India’s iPhone capacity/shipment still has a significant gap with China, but this is an important milestone for Apple in building a non-Chinese iPhone production site.”

It implies that Apple is trying to reduce the geopolitical impacts on supply and sees the Indian market as the next key growth driver.

— (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) August 5, 2022

According to them, Apple wants to reduce the geo-political impact on supply and for this it sees India as the next growth driver.

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