Ved is doing great at box office, Drishyam 2 and Avatar 2 are holding strong but Cirkus is unable to grow

Holdover releases dominated at the box office this week as there were very few noteworthy new releases this week. Generally, this period is known as a box office slump that normalizes after the long holiday that started around Christmas ends and moves into the new year. The best results this week were seen in Ved, which grew from the first weekend. With this trend, it will not only surpass Pawankhind to become the second highest earning Marathi of all time, but also target Sairat, the highest grossing Marathi film since 2016.

Ved records a second weekend bigger than the first:

Riteish Deshmukh’s director Ved, starring himself and Genelia Deshmukh, is running geeks at the box office. The second weekend numbers are higher than the first, indicating that the film may score the same or even higher than the first week. Week 2 Showcase was higher than the first week due to the huge response to the film at the box office. The film was certainly expected, but the fact that Sairat’s numbers can be traced throughout its entire run is something many people didn’t expect from the start, especially considering the film’s disappointing recent box office record for its lead. Their last film, Mr Mummy, flopped at the box office, but it remains a certified blockbuster and long run in theaters. Riteish found great success in Marathi cinema in 2014 with his action drama film Lai Bhaari emerging as the highest-grossing Marathi film. Marathi audiences have shown their loyalty to Riteish’s films and we can expect the actor to be a part of more Marathi films in the future.

Ved’s Day-Wise Nett collection includes:

Friday – Rs. 2.25 cr

Saturday – Rs. 3.25 cr

Sunday – Rs. 4.50 cr

Monday – Rs. 3 cr

Tuesday – Rs. 2.55 cr

Wednesday – Rs. 2.45 cr

Thursday – Rs. 2.30 cr

Second Friday – Rs. 2.45 cr

Second Saturday – Rs. 4.50 cr

Second Sunday – Rs. 5.70 cr

Total = Rs. 32.95 cr Nett

Avatar 2 Becomes India’s Highest Grossing Hollywood Film:

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water finally got back into the groove over the weekend after a bigger than usual drop at the box office. The film saw growth over the weekend and benefited from no new releases opening at the box office. On Sunday, Avatar: The Way Of Water surpassed Avengers: Endgame to become India’s highest-grossing Hollywood film. Previously, his other two blockbusters, Titanic and Avatar, emerged as the highest-grossing Hollywood films of all time in India. The film is steadily moving toward the prestigious $2 billion club at the global box office. James Cameron would become the only director to achieve the feat of having three films grossing over $2 billion theatrically.

The Day-Wise Nett Collections Of Avatar 2 Are As Follows:

Week 1 – Rs. 191.50 cr

Week 2 – Rs. 100 cr

Week 3 – Rs 56 cr

Fourth Friday – Rs. 3.50 cr

Fourth Saturday – Rs. 6 cr

Fourth Sunday – Rs. 7.5 cr

Total = Rs. 364 cr Nett

Drishyam 2, Uunchai and Bhediya get the advantage of competing tribes

Long runners like Drishyam 2, Uunchai, Bhediya and Cirkus benefited from the lack of new releases at the box office and continued to perform at their own pace. Drishyam 2 made $150 million in its eighth weekend, an unprecedented figure. The film will be released digitally soon, but work has been completed in theaters. It surpassed Brahmastra’s Hindi numbers, but fell slightly short of Brahmastra’s all language numbers and The Kashmir Files. Bhediya and Uunchai haven’t raked in large numbers, but in the bigger scheme of things, their collections don’t disappoint either. In an age of theaters where movies face immediate reactions, these two films proved that even after a slow start, movies can work well in the end.

The Day-Wise Nett Collections Of Drishyam 2 Are As Follows:-

Week 1 – Rs. 103.50 cr 

Week 2 – Rs. 58 cr

Week 3 – Rs. 31.50 cr

Week 4 – Rs. 19 cr

Week 5 – Rs. 8 cr

Week 6 – Rs. 5 cr 

Week 7 – Rs. 6 cr

Eighth Friday – Rs. 40 lakh

Eighth Saturday – Rs. 60 lakh

Eighth Sunday – Rs. 75 lakh

Total – Rs. 232.85 Nett

Cirkus was unable grow

Cirkus, on the other hand, has faced rejection by all accounts and is one of its biggest failures theatrically against the expectations pinned on the film. Rohit Shetty had a series of movie successes and this one broke the chain. Nonetheless, both Rohit and Ranveer moved on to other projects. Rohit has apparently finished narrating Singham Again with Ajay Devgn and has resumed filming his big web series, Indian Police Force.

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