Varisu movie Box Office Collection day 4 saw a huge jump in earings, know day and region wise collection

Varisu saw a huge surge in its collection on Saturday because A) it saw huge growth in markets where it was already released and B) it released a Telugu dubbed version. This increased the collection to Rs, almost double that of Friday. About 23.50 crores on a Saturday. Now, with Telugu and Hindi versions on Varisu, and solidifying their lead in Tamil Nadu, they don’t really crash anymore, at least on a whole-India level, as their daily collections are almost double those of Thunivu. India Varisu’s 4-day gross box office collection is almost Rs. About 7.8 billion Vijay starrer will exceed Rs. 100 crores in India today. It surpassed the same level globally yesterday, with overseas operations approaching $6.5 million.

Varisu increased its collection yesterday to total Rs after two days of declines in Tamil Nadu. 120,000 won plus. The film crossed Rs. Hit 50 crores in 4 days in Tamil Nadu. Saturday also marks the start of the holiday period, which lasts until Tuesday, with a boost left for the rest of the day or two. The film had capacity issues on its first day as most centers did not have larger capacity screens. The situation was reversed in many centers yesterday and they are now comfortably ahead of Thunivu in daily collections in Tamil Nadu. The next 3 days, for the first 7 days, about Rs. 8.5 billion.

Varisu’s box office collection at the Indian box office is as follows:

Wednesday – Rs. 30 crores
Thursday – Rs. 12 crores
Friday – Rs. 12.25 Crores
Saturday – Rs Crores 23.50

Total – Rs. 77.75 crores

The newly added Telugu version also opened well with Rs. 5 crores, Rs. 2.60 crores distributor share. The Tamil version launched in the bordering region of Tamil Nadu in Andhra Pradesh collected Rs. Around 50 lakhs for the first 3 days will give you a total of Rs. 5.50 crores in the tween status of the movie.

Even the Hindi dubbed version of the movie was well collected yesterday for almost Rs. A total of 200 billion. The last few Vijay films were released in Hindi, but collections were limited. Vijay has a good audience base on satellite as his films usually get good reviews on TV, so like Allu Arjun, he has a good perception among audiences in the Hindi belt. That recognition rose to a higher level for Allu Arjun with Pushpa. It still falls short for Vijay, but it could happen in his next installment, a big-budget action figure directed by Lokesh.

The 2-day box office of Varisu, place wise;

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 50 crores
Karnataka – Rs. 8.75 crores
Kerala – Rs. 9 crores
AP/TS – Rs. 5.50 crores
Rest of India – Rs. 4.5 crores

Total – Rs. 77.75 crores

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